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the other amusing thing...

Sunday, July 9, 2017
... that has kept me smiling for several days was something one of the daughters self-reported. After their Dad was rolled off down the hall one morning, we all met in the parking lot of the local Sam's Club. I had to go and get some stuff to satisfy the Sunday morning coffee gluttons at church, where droves of people show up and expect their favorite ingredients to be ready for consumption.

We shopped and went through the check out, they pushed the goods in the cart out to the parking lot. While I stopped at customer service to re-load my wally-world gift card that I use at the pump to get a discount on gas. The cashier made a mess, and took fifteen minutes to get it resolved, while I was trying to look calm and patient. Making a concerted effort to not sigh repeatedly or roll my eyes in frustration.

Spent so long waiting for supervisor to come and resolve the problem, one of the daughters came back in the store to rescue me. Thinking I had been abducted by aliens, hoping to grab onto my toe and pull me back out of the black hole. What she said made me hoot with laughter. I chuckled about it all the way across the parking lot. And still thoroughly amused when I think about it three days later.

She came back to check on me and said: "We've been standing out there waiting on you so long, we were starting to bicker, so I knew it was time for me to come and get you." Thankfully she did not say they were in need of a referee, as I sincerely hope my days of having to intervene and be the negotiator are over. But, still pretty funny that she would recognize, admit, and be able to make a joke about it... Or maybe it was not a joke?

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francinasanders said...

It was a joke! We were bickering with love, as only people which many years of experience are able to do. My sister and I are my favorite old married couple.

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