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happy independence day...

Tuesday, July 4, 2017
... normally, here in the great wide country, from sea to shining sea. Where we are industriously buying things to set on fire, for our great amusement. Along with various items of edibles to also set on fire, when we put them on the grill to cook as friends and family gather to watch as we provide the entertainment of lighting all those things we bought to burn up.

Thankful to be living in a country where that can happen? Yeah, me too. I am often reminded, as I travel of the amazing freedom to get in my car and go places without having to provide documentation. Not worried I will be stopped at the county line, or city limit sign to produce papers that permit entry. No fear when I drive to neighboring states that I will be denied permission to enter. Or questioned endlessly, and placed in a barred room until I can satisfactorily provide the right responses.

I can go to the store and purchase anything I choose: here in the Land of Plenty. Even if all I want to do with it is set it on fire. It is right there available to be paid for, taken home and burned to a crisp. Yay! for the Constitution of the United States of America. Yay! for founding fathers. Yay! for democracy and revolutionary war.

Did you see the story, or perhaps the Youtube about the people who set fire to the fireworks display in the grocery store in south Atlanta? I knew about it when it happened weeks ago, shortly before Memorial Day in late May. So it was just a matter of time before it popped up on youtube. But when I went looking for it, discovered any number of similar pyro-events. A Walmart in Arizona, among others. People just casually walking by with their goods to purchase, as the fireworks explode, and sparklers sparkle, clouds of smoke billowing up into the ceiling. Amazing: just a reminder that people will never fail to astound you...

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