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a productive day...

Friday, July 7, 2017
...wherein, thanks to my BFF, I got the huge onus of an oncoming deadline dealt with, removed from my life. My smart friend, who worked for years in civil service, as well as in the private sector has also been tax prep. volunteer for AARP. So very knowledgeable about financial stuff, and remarkably good with numbers, with a brain that seems to be wired vastly differently from mine that is acutely and chronically math impaired.

In accepting responsibility for the auntie, I found I had agreed to provide a great deal of information about her financial status. She has been profoundly unwilling to share personal information with family members when we have offered assistance. Quite adept at changing the topic of conversation, as well as very secretive. Fully capable over her life of managing her own affairs, until suddenly: she wasn't.

As a result of being named as guardian, who is responsible for her general physical care, health, well being, I am charged with reporting to the court periodically providing assessments for her condition and living arrangements. Another facet is being accountable for her resources: various incomes, property management, and dispensing funds to cover expenses. It has been a challenge to get information together, but most people have been willing to provide necessary documentation after receiving a copy of the probate court order.

The BFF, PC, had offered to help, willing to wade through the legal terminology and help me decipher the language to complete paperwork required by the courts. We spent hours today filling in the blanks, completing the forms to submit. I finally got to the point that I called the attorney and said: "I am sending all this to you. I will complete all I can, but I need for you to take over, put it together and submit".

Made copies, stuffed it in the envelope, and went to stand in line at the PO. Sent it off, and felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders.  Thank You, PC.  I could not have possibly done it without you.

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