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how's the patient...

Friday, July 7, 2017
...you may ask? Much improved would be the answer, from observers as well as the person who is actually incarcerated, tied to the IV pole. It has truly been an experience. I don't think I know anyone who has, with good health, deliberately chosen to be admitted to the hospital and subjected to all the poking and prodding, waking up throughout the night to be checked on. Obviously only happens out of necessity.

This guy has a multiplicity of health issues, all affecting and compounding other problems that did not need any additional complicating factors. In this case, having doctors recommending increasing dosage of diuretic to reduce fluid levels,while also dealing with markedly poor kidney function that could not keep up with demand for greater production. The kind of thing you see in science fiction movies about space travel when the red lights are flashing and bells start dinging, warning about 'systems failure'. Decreased function of one affects ability of others to perform, resulting in the entire balance getting out of whack and being overwhelmed.

The subject in question was badgered, oh, sorry 'persuaded' under duress to go to the ER. We all knew if he would just agree to go, they would insist  on admitting him, realizing there was a true crisis occurring. Sure enough, the PA said: 'you are having a emergency', and started the process to get him into an air conditioned gown. That was a week ago: last Friday, and here we are at Friday again.

He is really doing much better. But it has taken three days of dialysis to get here. And another scheduled for tomorrow. Which, according to the multiple experts who have been through over the days, is pretty unusual: four days in a row. Obviously needed to try to get him back as close to normal as possible. Thereby easing the stress on various organs that have been overworked trying to compensate for excess fluids that had accumulated. Much better, thankyouverymuch....

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