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driving around town...

Friday, July 14, 2017
...in the past couple of days, listening to the radio. My usual choice is public radio, unless I am so immersed in a talking book, I am desperate to finish, find out 'who done it' or if they actually do 'live happily ever after'. But I got so weary of talk radio recently I tuned on down the dial and found a country music station to amuse myself. Only problem is that the commercial interruptions are incessant.

But this one adv. for I-forgot-what had lots of people providing hints for being financially sound. Sound bites of different voices, as if being interviewed as passers-by in the streets. Suggesting numerous ways to be a wise/frugal money manager. Rounding up and tucking the extra into savings. Getting in a company sponsored retirement plan where the money goes directly into savings before you get your grubby hands on it to fritter away. Having a set amount deducted from checking to divert to savings account each payday or once a month.

 Then this one guy came on and his method of frugality was: "I try to live below my knees." What? Huh? How do you do that, and how can it be helpful for looking forward to your sunset years? Oh, wait. Maybe he said he lives below his 'means'? As in trying to be careful with expenditures, and n ot spending all his paycheck? Oh, riiiight.

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