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well, now, isn't that the neatest thing...

Tuesday, April 19, 2016
... is what I said to myself after I spent a little time in the yard digging holes and planting things late this afternoon. I worked (at the underpaying, paying job) about nine hours, then went to Sam's Club to get the stuff on my list from church, random things they were low on and would need soon. Got it delivered and went back by the store to get some steamed shrimp. Made us both a salad and peeled the shrimp for the shrimp-eater.

I was pretty desperate to get some of the things I have bought in the last couple of weeks in the ground. It is a sad commentary that I have so little control when it comes to being tempted by things that grow, especially bloomers. It's not all bad, totally hopeless, as I have gotten pretty good about persuading myself to not look at annuals. They are pretty, and really glorious when they put on a show. But just don't last past the first frost. I try to keep a firm grip and only purchase stuff that will come back year after year. Just planting perennials that rebloom over time.

One of he things that just went in the ground is a brilliant yellow gerbera daisy plant, that will hopefully make bright sunshine-y flowers all summer long. And some butterfly weed that the monarchs love, planted out near where I put some in last summer that might come back and bloom again - or not. And a couple of other things from the plant sale that were desperately calling my name, urgently asking for holes to be dug, and roots to get started in good, rich, homemade dirt.

Until I see the first humming bird and all my good intentions go out the window, I dash off to the garden center and buy annual red-blooming salvia to tempt the hummers to come back and visit. To plant in clumps all across the front of the house in between all the perennials to lure the butterflies and little tweeting humming birds back again and again. I used to put out liquid bird feeders, but realized I am remarkably unreliable about keeping them filled with good, clean, fresh sugar-water. I think they would be better off with me planting things that bloom all summer and provide a steady source of nectar than haphazard liquid feeders that may or may not have sustenance when they flit by.

What I just got finished with: that is the neatest thing, happened by accident. I had purchased some blue blooming salvia at the plant fair at Callaway a couple of weeks ago. With the intention to put it out near some perennial red salvia that has been coming back for several years. So I got it planted after we ate tonight. And then realized that along with the red salvia, and newly  planted bright, royal blue spiky salvia, the daisy plants are in bountiful bloom, so: Red, White and Blue blooming out in the bed between the drive way and the house.

I am so happy. Almost as pleased as I was when someone figured out how to put the John Phillip Sousa march "Stars and Stripes Forever" on my phone for the ring tone. Yay!

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