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really unusual occurance.....

Friday, April 8, 2016
... and about as unlikely, infrequent as the 'blue moon'. Which occurs when there is a full moon twice in one month, a rarity that might happen a couple of times each year. So, I withdraw my claim, and take back that statement. Mine is related to how uncommon it is that there is a square on my (old school) paper calendar that has nothing written on it. No work, no appointments, no obligations. Nothing. Pristine, bare, glaringly brightly blank.

I'd thought I should try to find a substitute teaching job. The days when I can commit to spending eight hours in a classroom are so uncommon, I felt like I should try to squeeze in another in an effort to accumulate the minimum number the school system now requires. I actually made contact with a school that often calls me looking for help. And told Gwen I was looking for work on the rare day I did not have another commitment. Without results, so the day is still wide open.

And then on second thought: I wondered 'why I would do that to myself?' So, No, I have not made any effort to do the research and find myself a job that feels somewhat like the misbehaving Puritans felt during the Colonial era. When miscreants were pilloried and put in stocks, confined for all the passers-by to see, mock, throw rotten tomatoes, harass.

My two most reliable lunch buddies are out of town, so not an option for hanging out and laughing at the Taco Bell - which has somehow become the place I am most likely to 'eat out'.  I'm all about perusing the 99 cent menu, then always, invariably ordering the same thing. Which indicates the refinement of my taste buds, and sadly shows how educated my palate is....

I could work out in the yard every day for a week and not get it all done, so guess I will devote my day to puttering around with my wheelbarrow. One of the things I have been looking at since early spring when things started greening up is some unwelcome wild onions. They keep popping up in the flower bed across the front of the house. Pulling is a mistake, as they come back, multiplying from the bulb below ground. Each wee pin-head sized individual one has to be carefully, annoyingly, irritatingly dug up and deliberately thrown away to prevent it from reappearing. So that's project one.

And tree trash is number two. A never ending job, as there is always more stuff falling out of the trees that needs to be loaded in the barrow and hauled away.  When I get tired of digging onions I can pick up a load of limbs. And when I get tired of trundling the limbs up to pile along the street for city to remove, I can sit down amongst the bloomers and dig up more wee onion upstarts. None of which sounds like great fun, so I will see who I might find to meet for lunch on this gorgeous spring sunshine-y day.

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