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book review: for one i have not read yet...

Thursday, April 28, 2016
...but it is one that I think we could all enjoy. While laughing at ourselves for doing some of the same foolish things the author is making a mint on by telling on herself, while publishing a best seller. We should all be so clever?

I just read a few lines in the Reader's Digest article, excerpted from the book by Gina Barreca titled "If You Lean In, Will Men Just Look Down Your Blouse?" Which is, of course, a hilarious take on the book by the CEO or COO or some other acronym at Google. The little two page article in the May issue of RD is titled: Spring Cleaning for the Soul. Making me think of those Chicken Soup books. This is definitely not Chicken Soup...

On page 18, you will read:
"No. 6. I will remember to send greeting cards by mail to friends and loved ones so that I might celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries and happy occasions in a timely fashion rather than relying exclusively on Facebook. This way, I will be able to acknowledge the happiest days of their lives before it is too late and without involving Mark Zuckerberg."

And if that does not strike a chord with you, here is:
"No. 7. While we're on the mailing business, I will also write thank-you notes by hand, and I will encourage any young people I know to do the same. I will communicate my understanding that a card's embossed "Thank you!" on the front does not mitigate the need to expand upon that sentiment in detail within the body of the text."

I get a lot of personal satisfaction from writing notes, postcards, letters to friends and family. And supporting the USPS buying stamps. While thinking of what a rarity it is in this era when most of our communication is through electronic device.What a thrill it is just getting something personal and hand written out of your mailbox. Something that is addressed to you that is neither a bill for services or a request for a donation.

And the little two page article gets more profounder all the time  - the next one is about supporting non-profits and charitable organizations. Telling us all to 'put your money where your mouth is'. showing the value and importance of being fully aware of daily blessings we usually take for granted. Things like a safe place to live (not being homeless) and clean clothing, warm beds, people who make the world a better place for all of us. Donate to NGOs that go places in the world you don't want to live and try to make a difference in people's lives - folks who don't have clean water, or hot showers or safe/stable housing.

That's my sermon for the day...

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