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volunteering, day 2...

Saturday, April 2, 2016
...at Callaway Gardens. Not doing another weary dull day at the plant fair (that was probably not nearly so weary-ing or tedious due to more foot traffic on Saturday), but spending the day doing kids' crafts with another couple of volunteers. We were making paper flowers. Sort of amusing, kind of fun, but as it turned out the adults did the making and the kids stood and watched.

I was pretty disappointed to realize that we were the hands that were 'making' the craft, while the kids observed - but it was pretty simple and easy enough so that they can go home and beg mom for some colored paper and make their own by the bushel. Here's what you do: (or read about it on the internet where you can find every child's craft project in the universe). Trace around the childs' hand, draw a line across the bottom of the outline at the wrist to connect the two sides. Cut it out. Curl the ends of the fingers on the paper cut out of the hand like you would do with curling ribbon, using the edge of the scissor blade. Wrap the wrist end of the hand around a plastic drinking straw, with the fingers curled out, and secure with tape. Add a pipe cleaner stamen into the open end of the straw. Cut out a couple of green oval shapes for leaves and attach to the straw taping or stapling in place.

Hand to the child and say: "What a smart clever person you are to have made such a pretty lily for your mom!"

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