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a new roof here...

Tuesday, April 5, 2016
...in this house where we have been living since 1981. I know we have put a roof on once before now, after purchasing the house when it was less than a year old. Therefore I can tell you with considerable certainty that premise of shingles lasting for thirty years is a bunch of malarkey. The guy who came and brought the samples has convinced the guy who will pay for it that it is a great deal and an excellent choice. I was lobbying for metal, but got outvoted, mostly due to cost. Plus the one person consensus was that we will not be here long enough to have to purchase another.

I came home to at least a dozen men stomping and hammering with air guns on top of the house. I would not be surprised if they get it done today. An absolute beehive of activity. I was sort of anxious about how it would go- knowing I was going to be distressed at all the people stomping around in my flower beds. Mistreating things that are starting to green up or just beginning to bloom. But amazingly practically everything was covered with big blue tarps, and hopefully they will not crush all the things I planted and nurtured in recent years.

As it turned out - they actually did get the entire thing re-reoofed, including putting some more decking down in several places where the wood was bad. I am amazed. And now we have a new roof- that we have to pay for. I'm obligated for half of it, and have called the credit card company to let them know my portion is going on the credit card, to get the rewards points!

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