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amazing, sweet story...

Saturday, April 2, 2016
...you really need to read. About a caring compassionate daughter who seems to have absorbed some lessons I don't recall having taught.  I'd love to take credit, and constantly tell these daughters how proud I am of the capable, remarkable people they have become.  But they seem to have become better people than I am, could have ever dreamed of or hoped for.  We hear so much about the younger generation who struggle in our world, it makes me so thankful that the two I was given to guide have turned into fully functioning independent adults.

It started on Thursday night, when she called and told me a story that will hopefully touch your heart as much as it did mine. Just a casual, happenstance event that occurred in her life. As well as provide a tutorial for anyone who does not count their blessings every single day of living and breathing.

F. stopped in at a big chain grocery store to pick up some small item, maybe for work or personal use. When crossing the parking lot she was approached by a young woman who asked if she could have a couple of dollars. Telling that she had three and needed two more to have enough to go in the store and make the purchase she needed. Her period was about to start and she did not have enough money to buy the needed feminine items.

We cannot assume she was homeless, indigent and without resources or even unemployed. But for what ever reason she had a problem and needed some help. I've heard F. tell of being stopped in a grocery parking lot and pulling cash out to give away before, but this story from a young female seems so heart-wrenching. It is so humiliatingly personal, and would be such a difficult thing  to request. Were it me, I would definitely have a huge problem with going up to a complete stranger to ask for help of this nature; and most certainly could not ever ask it of a male.

So she gave the young woman five dollars and they went their separate way. But the desperate need stayed with F., and she called me to tell the story. It continued to tug at her heart. She called me Friday morning to say she was distressed that she failed to give the woman every cent in her wallet. I told this colliding of circumstances was a way for her to see something she was oblivious to: an opportunity to realize how blessed she is and how much she has to be thankful for. Home, job, income, security, personal hygiene products when needed. Along with washers, dryers, potable water, toothbrushes, clean underwear, dry place to sleep, etc.., etc.., etc.......

Moral number one: Count your blessings. Open your eyes. Be thankful.

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