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another funny tale...

Saturday, April 30, 2016
...I brought home from visiting family in VA. My sister-in-law tells of the local high school making an effort to support the local animal shelter. Possibly related to a service project required of the students, who had gotten involved in volunteering at the rescue service. Apparently there was a competition between the different levels of classes at the school, with each grade attempting to collect the largest number of cans of food for dogs/cats. 

This youngest nephew came up with a brilliant scheme. He suggested that all the members of his grade level just provide cash, pool their resources and he would purchase for all the students who were making donations. He went to the store where the cheapest price was to be had, and used all the funds he had accumulated to buy as much as possible. I'm guessing he checked around, and possibly went to one of the chain stores, where you can buy these teeny little cans smaller than a silver dollar. Maybe a quarter apiece, and hardly worth opening, so you don't even want to get out the can opener and then have to wash the fishy smell off. Most now come with a pop top.

And: he waited till the last day of the event to take all those cans in. Meaning none of the other classes who had been collecting over the weeks would have an opportunity to dash off to the store or call home for reinforcements. I expect the numbers were being posted on a regular basis, so he had a pretty good idea of who he had to beat by bringing in more pet food. Needless to say: his class won.

Pretty clever is what I am thinking. I forgot to ask what the prize was for the winning class. I hope they got something good?

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