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Wednesday, April 6, 2016
...that freaked  me out so I had to leave.

I thought I wanted to see the show that was playing at the RiverCenter last night. And certain I did not want to pay the price of admission, where tickets usually start at fifty bucks for seating in the balcony, so far away you can't see the performance. So I did what I would normally do: sneak in the back door!  Not really, I volunteered to 'work' so I could get in the show for free. I've been doing it for several years. Being a greeter, or door holder, or a 'hope you enjoy the show' person.

Then when the lights go down, you tiptoe into the empty seats in the back row. And watch the show for nearly free, except that you got there an hour early, and expected to stay after all the patrons leave to clean up their trash. But there were no empty seats last night, and after I stood there for about an hour, I began to say to myself: 'I've already been on my feet for eight hours today', and 'I'll be going to work at 6: 00 a.m. tomorrow', and 'I'll be on these same tired feets all day again on Wednesday'.

Which means I was obviously in the attitude to persuade myself to slip out and go home early, before 'The Illusionists' actually concluded. What I saw was really impressive - how in the world do that do that? So smooth and slick and baffling, you don't want to blink. Thinking if you can just keep your eyes open the whole time you will catch them putting the scarf up their sleeve, or pulling the dove out of a pocket.

But when they got to the part where the man was going to do the Houdini trick, I wussed out. It was just too intense for my tender little heart to take. He was handcuffed, then his feet were stuck in stocks, and he prepared to be lowered upside down into a clear tank of water....I am sorry. That is all you get. I had to leave. I'm pretty sure if it was not successful, we would have read about in the daily news.

I am nearly certain he is doing that same stunt in another venue in a different town tonight. If I were there, I would have walked out again. Guess we'll never know, huh?

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