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making a move...

Friday, April 1, 2016
... after lots of discussion and pondering. I thought we were going to downsize some years ago when we had a lot of stuff done to the house we have been in for nearly thirty five years. Everything painted, floors redone, bathroom tiled, kitchen updated. It looked so clean and fresh and desirable, which was my plan: we'd put it on the market and move closer in, to something with lots less yard and half the square footage.

But when it all got done, and the closets sorted out, furniture settled back into place, the man who also settled back into the recliner decided he liked it so well, looking all shiny and new, the move never happened. I was so pleased with all the closets I cleaned out, stuff that was sorted through, donations made as belongings were pared down, I was thoroughly prepared to box it all up and relocate.  Never happened.

But now: we are moving into a Tiny House. I read a book in the past year or so, written by a woman who built her own tiny house, on a trailer frame, carefully planning and designing to make it as user-friendly and efficient as possible. It will take some time to finalize plans and get to the finished product. We will be selling, donating, giving away, begging people to take stuff as we begin the process of getting rid of accumulated belongings. Not too sure how this is going to work, with a man who is so large he will barely fit through the door, living in a seriously pared down space the size of a small RV or mobile home. We should probably start practicing by living together in one room now.

Should be interesting if we can get rid of all this stuff. Everything has to go: all the furniture is built in in the Tiny House, to make the best use of space.  We will be living in just over hundred square feet. I think I have owned vehicles, during the era of station wagons and car seats, with more room than that! What we now use for a garage/carport will be bigger than our new house. I'm not sure what we will do with extra clothing that is seasonal, with practically no storage space - hope we can forgo renting a storage unit just to use for closet space! Or maybe we could just move into the U-Stor-It space?

It will certainly be a big change. Especially now on April First.

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francinasanders said...

Hahaha you so funny.

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