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blueberry bushes...

Saturday, April 2, 2016
...planted in the back yard are blooming. The smart, useful, industrious guy who planted them should get at least two-thirds of the credit, since he invested all the labor to get them in the ground. And will certainly get the first batch of muffins if they produce enough this first year to make a recipe. I have had such huge fat ones in the past (before the demise of the prolific bush that I kinda, maybe, sorta', possibly killed with excess coffee grounds) the muffins were more berry than bread! Which ismy definition of perfection in blueberry muffins.

It was my desire/plan to purchase different varieties that would bear over a longer period of time. As opposed to getting all the same type that would produce a bounty, but all at the same time. Which is great if you want to make jam and need a quantity. But not so great if you just want to go out and pick to put on your cereal every morning.  Or hang around and pluck to pop in your mouth to turn your teeth and tongue dark blue. I understand a great way to have naturally blue dyed Easter eggs should you choose to forgo artificial coloring.

The bush that was intended to be the early bearing one already has wee little pin-head-sized berries on it. The one that was purchased to be the late bloomer is just beginning to do so, with pretty white lantern shaped flowers patiently awaiting bees to pollinate. The one in the middle might have some berries but they are too miniscule to see, plus it is getting a bit dark out there to be inspecting the crops today. So, though I am hopeful, don't get your napkin tied around your neck just yet...

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