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there is not a day...

Sunday, April 17, 2016
...that goes by that I am not oh-so-very thankful for my family. Every day is another opportunity to consider how blessed I am that daughters are healthy, happy productive adults. I'm forever hearing of adult children who come back to roost, or have some sort of problems that causes them to need some form of propping up by parents. People who have grown up, left the nest and for any number of reasons had to return: relationships gone sour, employment gone south, health issues piling up.

It gives me a pain right here, in the middle of my chest, behind my sternum when I hear friends, acquaintances and casual passersby tell of their adults children who are struggling. Because we all know that the way parenting is supposed to work: you put everything you can into them and open the door, let them fly away. Hoping they have all they need to survive and get along as they make their way in the world.

I was a late bloomer, and I am sure my parents thought I would never get to the point of being a fully functioning adult. It did take a while, probably longer than average, and certainly longer than my patient parents expected. But I will occasionally surprise myself by having a random thought like: 'Oh, this must be what it feels like to be a grown up?' Or maybe: 'Hmmm, I do wish someone else would make this decision for me so I could blame him/her when things go awry'?

I was talking to someone about this today. A casual acquaintance I have known for years, and someone who has known my sweet daughters for most of their lives. I asked about her family, a daughter with little ones I see occasionally shopping. She said she has decided that grandchildren is God's way of rewarding us for not screwing up too badly raising our own progeny. We agreed there is not a single day that goes by we do not to count our blessings. So grateful for capable, happy, (mostly) well adjusted young adults. People who are caring, compassionate, and carrying their own weight in the world.

I know all this could change in the span of a heartbeat, yet I am constantly thankful for the people they have become. Blessed, blessed, blessed.

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