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amazing, sweet story, part 2....

Saturday, April 2, 2016
... and this is the Really Good Part. Showing how blessings can multiply. How people can become aware and realize what little effort it takes to make a huge impact. The way our seemingly small insignificant acts can be so powerful and meaningful to reciepients of the small favors. One person CAN make a difference.

The incident in the grocery store parking lot continued to weigh so heavily on F.'s heart, she told it to the people she sees every day in the work place. And they were moved and touched by it as much as she. So decided they should all buy an extra box each month when they go to the store for the necessities. To donate to a women's shelter. And provide for those who are unable to help themselves.

If every one of those young women will do that, follow through with what they have planned, continue to make that small purchase each month and get the goods to the shelter, it would make a huge difference. Ease the worries of those who live in backseats of cars, under bridges, on park benches. Make the load of daily concerns a little lighter for those deserving people who have come upon hard times, the people in our society who tend to fall through the cracks, often through circumstances they cannot control. Adding a thousand boxes of much needed supplies to the pantry of the shelter that provides for the needs of women down on their luck, stuck in a bad place.

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