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'rest of the story'...

Friday, August 11, 2017
...as things evolved with the deceased battery in the Toyota belonging to the auntie. I did get a key with the chip that was 'original' delivered to the dealership.  One that I assume was given to the auntie when it was purchased. The service guy ( if you recall: 'Bubba'?) said that the battery was so thoroughly dead that the computer could not read the chip in that key that was given the new owner when she purchased the vehicle. Making the root of the problem appear to be nothing more serious than a completely dead battery. Which would, as you might guess, cost twice as much when purchased and installed by the service department at the dealership than anyplace else in town.

But: they had the car, sitting there, awaiting service. I would have had to call to get a tow to take it elsewhere. So they did install a brand new battery at twice the price. Which seems to have solved the problem.

Bubba reported that the duplicate key would not communicate with the computer, and seemed to want me to believe it had somehow mysteriously 'de-programmed' itself. Something he wanted me to think was not impossible. When I told him I thought the dealer would be responsible for that problem, he said only if it was under warranty. Then, after more research, he agreed that the duplicate the auntie bought came with a twelve month warranty. Admitting if the unlikely deprogramming had occurred, the dealer would make it good, replace the suspiciously non-working key.

After all that, I am no longer thinking ill of the service department. Provided I receive two working keys when I go to pay for the new battery. And find someone who will drive it back to the house for me next week, to avoid paying for shuttle service.

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