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when getting oil changed...

Saturday, September 10, 2016
...at the tire store, I take the opportunity to read old, dog-eared issues of Field and Stream. And have been known to borrow a page, or the whole issue on occasion, when there is something worth knowing/sharing. I know it sounds pretty bizarre, for me to be interested in reading about deer hunting, fishing tackle, camping, field baiting, lunker searching, big game treks, etc. But there is usually a pretty good, amusing commentary on the last page, as well as a few articles worth reading.

The author, a man who regularly writes on the last page of the magazine, knew a well known artist/illustrator, who had recently died. The illustrator was Jack Unruh, who was a veteran outdoorsman. They were on a fishing trip, and had a conversation, while sitting by the campfire after a day in the water. Jack reportedly said: "...you're an optimist, and I'm a cynic. When the cynic's glass gets below half-full, it's kind of critical. He's worried there might not be any more coming. Whereas you're pretty sure there will be." Referring to what ever adult beverage they were sipping sitting in the dark, looking into the flames. Probably some smooth Tennessee sipping whisky, with Jack periodically checking to be sure the bottle was not about to run dry.

I'm out of my favorite kind of beer. For a while I was very careful and parsimonious with it, thinking I did not know how or when I could resupply, but no longer fearful of drinking the last can. I can just move on to something else: like that little bottle I bought when my younger daughter lured me into the package store and caused me to make a purchase.  Or the big bottle of sangria that has been languishing in the pantry for months...  I guess that makes me neither optimist nor cynic, but prepared.

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