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driving south...

Friday, September 30, 2016
...on Thursday afternoon, to visit the auntie in rehab. center. She was so remarkably pleasant and agreeable, unusually chipper and surprisingly cognizant, it occurred to me to wonder what they had done with the auntie?  How they had found someone who looked just like her, but with a personality transplant. That person I mistakenly assumed to be the Auntie was so cheerful, congenial and chatty I know they must have her stashed in a closet someplace, bound and gagged.

She had an appointment at the orthopedic clinic in Valdosta, so I spent the night in her house and drove back up the the rehab. center to pick her up and deliver to the clinic at 10 o'clock. It was a tedious, nonproductive wait, in a brimming over waiting room. So after about forty five  minutes of seeing people who came in after we did get called to be secreted away in a little cubicle,  I finally went up to the window to ask. "Is the Dr. we had an appt. with in surgery?" But was told it was just a busy day, with lots of patients in line.

He finally saw her and looked at x-ray, decided that yes, the cracked bones were healing, slowly but surely. When I looked at the pictures, they showed me where there was a sort of cloudy or foggy place on the film, and explained this is where the calcium is forming new bone. Which explains the importance of the calcium supplement she is prescribed to take every day. Giving the bone something to work with. She is improving, and hopefully gradually getting more mobile, but instructed to walk only with assistance, and return with more images of the damaged bones in three weeks.

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