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not swimming...

Friday, September 9, 2016

...seems to be what I have been doing, with best intentions gone awry. I really like  to swim, and enjoyed the few days I was splashing around a couple of weeks ago. Hoping to get back to the city run pool to do it several times a week. But it just has not happened again.

Either working too much or not in town. The working too much could be: the craziness that happens now and then when I put in ten or more hours a day. Or just being so tired all I can do is wobble home and flop down in a chair. Rest long enough to get up and think about what we will have to eat before wobbling down the hall and crash. I was so bummed one day recently, I came straight in the door and when directly to bed. Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200. Laid my-weary-self down and had a very beneficial, satisfying nap. Woke up a new person about twenty minutes later.

I want to swim so badly, and liked it so much when I got there three days in a row, I went shopping and bought myself a new suit. Ordered from JCP, to look up-to-date and fashionable when I jump in, instead of frowzy, out of style, and baggy-fied in a tired, blown-out, no elastic model. But sadly, have not got the motivation and energy at the same time to be able to get into the new suit and into the H2O. Maybe next week....

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