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being industrious...

Saturday, September 24, 2016
... in the kitchen. My peeps from TN came to visit this weekend. I'd marked my calendar expecting I would drive up to see them, and then discovered they were organizing to come to GA instead. And even better is that they came down on Thurs. night, to have all day Friday as well as Saturday to hang out, eat good things, amuse ourselves, laugh together.

I after hearing numerous wishful, longing comments about how delicious, wonderful and tasty was that fresh corn we put scraped, bagged and put in the freezer a couple of years ago - I asked if she wanted to buy corn to freeze again. We went far too late in the season to get a good price on a bushel of fresh corn. But scrape and bag we did. Bought forty-eight ears at the local farmer's market and brought them home to shuck, clean, prep., cook, bag and chill. It went into quart zipper bags. Somewhat disappointing that it only filled nine bags, but still.

Anytime you put in the time and effort to put up fresh, in-season vegetables, you can't help but be pleased with yourself. Knowing you can look forward to enjoying something that will make your taste buds dance with delight months later. Think with smiling anticipation of how good it will be when you pull it out to thaw and cook, season and enjoy long after summer is gone, leaving only memories. And yummy creamed corn in the freezer!

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