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pretty impressed...

Friday, September 16, 2016
... with myself, feeling ahead of the game, and quite pleased. This is the month when I have to get driving license renewed, and get a new tag sticker for my car. Both are done well ahead of time. And not really a hardship financially. The next expense looming in the future is paying for fire insurance for house, as well as coverage for vehicles, a major bite out of my finances.  I feel the pinch when more than one comes due at the same time. And as soon as I get over that hump, the property tax will demand my attention.

I'm busily reminding myself about the joy of living in America, to the point of removing my shoes, to take off my socks so I can use my toes to count all the blessings and benefits we get from being citizens. Trying to think of all those provisions in the Constitution that I am so thankful for. While wondering how people on a limited income can stretch it far enough, with funds and food coming out even at the end of the month.

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