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we might, maybe, possibly...

Tuesday, September 6, 2016
...be moving towards a resolution with this Cantankerous Person here. She's agreed to go into a rehab. facility, and possibly moving tomorrow. The reaaallllly good news in all of this is that she is hopefully going to a place that also does geriatric evaluations. So IF the best case scenario occurs, when she gets relocated, they will do a complete work up to determine what the best plan will be for the future.

There is a possibility of getting into some place here in town, but our preference would be to get her into the place that will really do a thorough job of helping us to figure out what the future holds. I've wondered for years about her mental state. Knowing our family history of memory loss, with lots of close relatives diagnosed with dementia, there is a latent sense of dread and fear of what is hiding in our genes. Plus the Cantankerous Person has been using Rx painkillers for years. The Rx brings a wide array of side effects from foggy brain, to slow motility (causing constipation) and dramatically reduced reaction times and problems with equilibrium/balance.

Getting into this place that will evaluate and help us figure out just exactly what the problem is to know what the solution will be. I'm very hopeful here. Not expecting a 'cure', but a better understanding of what the future holds and how to best maintain quality of life.

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