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making cheezy crafts...

Monday, September 5, 2016
... at Callaway  Gardens today. I had signed up to volunteer for the day some weeks ago, and had actually forgotten what I was supposed to be doing. All I knew is that it would be indoors and air-conditioned, someplace cool and bug free.

We were making these awful tacky cheezy kites that I was almost nearly mortified to be associated with. The kid would get a sheet of copy paper with a hot air balloon design on it. After it was colored in with bits and stubs of broken crayons, it would be folded, hole-punched, taped and tied, then returned to the child who had to run around in circles to make it 'fly'. With a tissue paper tail and a three foot piece of yarn tied on for string, it would stay aloft as long as the child would dash to and fro to provide the 'lift' to make paper stay up in the air.

Making those flowers made from child's hand outline and rolled, taped onto straw for a stem look like a high quality art project. I wrote about making the little paper lily when I volunteered a day at the Gardens back in the spring. And now I feel very badly about poking fun at the process of tracing around their little hands, then cutting the shape out and rolling it to make a flower taped onto a plastic drinking straw. Not nearly as distressing as the day I spent folding and taping to make hopeless kites.

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