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book review: "Under the Harrow"...

Monday, September 12, 2016
... randomly picked up off the library shelf. I read something years ago that was written by a British citizen, with lots of odd words that I was unfamiliar with, referring to customs, items we all see or use daily, but using words common to UK. Leaving you unexpectedly amused as you decipher what that noun refers to in our culture. I remember thinking some of the terms so unusual - but understandable - I made a list as I read the other book some time ago. Sorry - that didn't happen for this book. It was written by Flynn Berg, with a 2016 copyright.

The basic story line: young woman gets on the train to go to a small village outside London to visit her sister for the weekend.  When she arrives at the sister's house, the sister and her guard dog are dead. Over time we are given various clues as the young woman tells the story, meets with police, tries to uncover motives and possible suspects. At some point you begin to suspect the young woman of the murder, while the story line jumps back in time to a previous assault on the sister. It is apparent that the police are beginning to doubt the veracity of the young woman's story, and the reader begins to believe we've not been given all the information we need to sort this thing out. Making the story an excellent candidate for a movie that lures you in, and the provides surprise twists and turns.

It was well written, fast paced, making me stay up entirely too late trying to get the mystery resolved.

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