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driving across south GA...

Friday, September 16, 2016
... looking at the fields of cotton, soybeans, peanuts. Sunshine, bright blue sky, puffy white clouds, a beauty-filled day to be alive.Traveling without documentation, no one stopping me to ask where I am going (as long as I am not driving hell for leather and get stopped for speeding.)

Freedom to go where I want when I choose. One of the oft overlooked, unconsidered things I find myself thankful for is the US Constitution. Different parts at different times.  That thing that gives us the rights and privileges we enjoy when living in America, along with responsibilities of citizenship and obligation to behave ourselves.

Freedom to travel from place to place. When you think of how carefully citizens in other countries are monitored, controlled, pushed around, forced by authorities to limit travel, this is an amazing place we live in. You do not have to show your papers to walk down the street. You do not have to have documents to travel from one municipality to another, can drive from one county to another. Or across the entire continent without having to stop at state borders and explain why you are desiring to enter. No crossing guards at state lines. No enforcers randomly demanding identification, and explanations as to where and why you are traveling. Or telling you that is not permitted and you need to turn around, return home.

There are places in the world - today- where people are scared to leave the safety of their homes. As well as people who feel like their homes are not safe. You  have the freedom to gripe about minor insignificant injustices as they occur in your daily life: newspaper thrown in the ditch, out of milk for your breakfast cereal, your favorite shirt in the dirty clothes basket, various and sundry other routine mishaps. But you also need to be thankful for living in America, and the US Constitution. End of Sermon.

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