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on the homefront...

Saturday, September 3, 2016
...the man who lives there and has the television going at high volume was in a huge snit last night. It was sooooo peaceful and quiet, I really enjoyed being at home. Even though there was no internet along with the lack of cable for the tv. When he got home and could not turn on the news, he was hugely inconvenienced.

I suggested to him that it isn't really such a big deal. We were in a house that was comfortable and dry. Knowing there were people who were affected by the hurricane that blew into Florida and were flooded, stranded, without power, forced out of their homes, lost valuables, had lives completely disrupted. Even if not forced to evacuate due to flood waters, and camping out in emergency shelters, without power, or having trees fall on their houses, lives turned topsy-turvy. And here this guy is steaming about lack of cable service on his television.

He immediately got on the phone and called the toll free number to get his problem resolved. You can imagine how concerned the provider was about the fact that he could not enjoy having the television blast us out of the house. Concern level of Mediacom: zero.

He spent fifteen minutes (by his timing, so probably somewhat exaggerated) on hold while the customer service people were researching. Finally got irritated enough to disconnect the call, but called back immediately to complain about the wait time. And assured the second CSR he spoke with that he would be doing business with another company next week. I'm sure they are all worried about where their next paycheck will come from after that tongue lashing. Not.

Stewing and grumbling for the remainder of the night. Saying this sort of inconvenience happens all the time. And repeatedly announcing 'that is no way to do business'. I was sad with no internet, but all in all a small price to pay for an evening of peace and quiet with no television.

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