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a walk in the park...

Saturday, September 24, 2016
...making for sweaty people, but supporting a good cause. There is a steadily growing group of people at the church I attend who are in Celebrate Recovery. A very loosely organized organization focused on helping people who are struggling. Their theme is that we all have 'hurts, hang-ups and habits' that keep us from being the people God designed us to be. Recognizing our foibles, and a commitment to work through those things that hold us back from living in harmony can change lives.

They meet once a week, gather for singing, a meal, support, testimony and breakout groups that help people develop both coping skills and friendships. A sort of generic version of AA or Al-anon, for people who are in need of compassionate support and the occasional life line. Not just  for substance abusers, or those in recovery from alcohol or drugs, but anyone hoping to make sense of all the stumbling blocks and curve balls life can put in the way of developing healthy relationships, a positive lifestyle and good clean living in general.

The CR group sponsored a run/walk today at a public park. I have never been a runner, and pretty much quit walking a couple of years ago when my knee started giving problems, becoming untrustworthy. But have walked a mile or so several days in the past week, trying to get back into practice. Plus starting to swim on a semi-frequent basis, as I have discovered that being boyant  completely eliminates knee pain.

So I signed the three of us up to take a walk in the park. Starting on the far side of the lake, and walking for three miles (or whatever amounts to 5K.) We went around the park and out onto the bike trail for most of a mile, then turned around to get back to the start point. Not quite the last people to complete the route, but pretty close to being the tail end. Bum knee made me slow, and my cohorts willingly slowed their pace to stay with me.

They seemed well organized, with a radio station remote van there playing music, plans for a cook out, with grills mounted on a trailer, ample food and coolers with bottled water. A crowd of supporters was trickling in as we finished the walk, likely prepared to spend the day sitting in the shade and enjoying The Good Life. Pretty day to be out in the world, enjoyable walk in the park.

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