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progress report...

Tuesday, September 6, 2016
... or possibly a complete lack thereof. I was nearly speechless after the day nurse came in, was talking to the auntie this morning, to hear the obstinate auntie casually agree to be transferred. She has been so completely opposed to the idea of being sent to a facility that would provide some rehab. to help her regain mobility. The problem of what to do with her is likely the biggest reason she is still here in this bed for over ten days. The perfect scenario would be for her to go into nursing care long enough to get on her feet, though at this point it appears she will be using a walker indefinitely.

I asked the nurse if she had documented the fact that there was this sudden, surprising, completely unexpected cooperative attitude. She laughed. So it does not take people who encounter the auntie very long to realize that agreeableness is not high on the list of desirable traits from this particular patient.

The sweet, good-humored nurse said that she had made a note in the auntie's chart to let other staff know she had been willing to accept a transfer. But unless there was a doctor and another nurse who had heard her say this: agreeing to go into rehab., it was of no value. So apparently not only do we need a spirit of cooperation, we also need witnesses. 

At this point, I have been sitting here in this room with this argumentative person since before the sun came up. Waiting for the doctor, now called a hospitalist (Dr. who only works in a hospital, and does not have a free-standing office, or private practice) to come and have an opinion. I've been chatting up the idea of going someplace to get some help with getting up and practicing walking to regain ability. Hoping that when the Dr. comes, she will accidentally agree to relocating into skilled nursing facility.

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