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those fat caterpllers...

Saturday, July 30, 2016

... completely decimated the parsley. There is nothing but thick stems left poking up out of that pot that was so lush and green before they found their favorite food. I've long known that the parsley was the first choice for some type of caterpillar, but did not know what it was. And guess I am a bit surprised that the plant has been striped so completely. From the appearance of the bugs, enormously well fed, as well as the looks of the nearly non-existent herb, it was a perfect match.

I am wondering what I will find when searching for cocoons. They were so big and round there on the remaining stems, I'm sure they could not have crawled off and gotten very far. Like being so full after eating Thanksgiving dinner, you need to go take a nap, lay down to ponder what caused you to stuff yourself.  Hopefully, the next step in metamorphosis will occur nearby, in the flower bed close to where they stuffed themselves like the Christmas turkey.

I noticed there were big fat caterpillars, as big around and long as my pinky finger. And several lesser ones, smaller in diameter than a pencil, and a bit shorter. I assume they came along when there was less feeding material. I don't know if those smaller ones would get bigger with more to eat, but assume they are like humans and would eat as long as there is food in front of our faces. So I have been to the Big Box for more parsley, picking out pot that had several plants. To put it in the big concrete planter where they gnawed the other down to the dirt.

Now that I know they will eventually turn into beautiful yellow swallowtails, I feel the weighty responsibility of feeding.  I will BOLO (be on the look out) for the nondescript well-camoflauged cottony cocoons and hope to watch the life cycle unfold, but awaiting the end product nonetheless. Watching for those gorgeous creatures flitting through the Butterfly Bush blooms conveniently located close at hand.

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