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schedule for the week...

Sunday, July 17, 2016
...indicates I will be working 4 five-hour days. The first one was on Saturday, then Sun., Tues., and Thurs.When I saw what it looked like, I thought to myself:  "hmmm...certainly looks like something that will devolve into a 39 hour week." As it turned out, I was there over ten hours on Saturday, so not off to a particularly illustrious start. Plus eight more hours today. So actually really close to twenty hours, which would have been my week. Except I will go in for a few hours on Monday, when not actually on the schedule.

So we will see how this week plays out... Even though the official plan was for twenty, I am predicting nearly forty. Which will include cutting the day short on Thursday so I don't go into overtime: according to the Gospel of Publix, a mortal sin. I'm still steamed over the week I went over forty, and got a counseling statement they made me sign, saying I knew there would be consequences, and such bad behavior could result in being suspended for a week should it occur again, or possible Termination. Which says to the people who get those counseling statements from management that it does not pay to be conscientious, determined to complete your work, not willing to walk off and leave a job half-done.

Oh, Joy. Happy to be employed.....???

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