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an accidental tradition...

Thursday, July 21, 2016

...got started several years ago when I (must have, but don't really remember it happening) offered to provide a gigantic fresh flower arrangement for the opening reception of an annual event. The local Artist's Guild puts on a show each summer, giving all the members an opportunity to allow the locals in the community to view their work. Any one who is a dues-paying member of the Guild is permitted to display one piece of art, where it is hung in the gallery of the University Art Department building. Most of the art is two dimensional, paintings done swith oil, water colors or acrylics. But there are some sculptures and the occasional turned wood carving bowl or glazed and fired ceramics.

There is a really nice reception, with a number of awards given, amounting to considerable generous donations by community members. The university catering service puts out a very elaborate spread with enough food and drinks to make a meal of things you eat with your fingers, while standing around chatting up the other attendees. As we all know, nothing in life is free, but I am not in the know about how much the rental of the space and the reception food costs. When you use their space you must use their catering service, so you can't go the potluck route like us artiste's usually do.

My part is the big cut flower arrangement sitting on the table with the eats, in the big silver champagne cooler. The container was the prize for winning a golf tournament years ago, and comes out of the box about once a year to go someplace and be decorative, look elegant as part of a high class event. It's an enjoyable endeavor, due to the fact that I nearly never have the opportunity to do things on that scale. And also challenging, to fill a large container with fresh cut flowers and greenery, when there is sot of a load limit, maximum capacity it will hold.

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