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it must have been 100 degrees out there...

Saturday, July 23, 2016
... and I probably got 'way too hot yesterday, as I had a headache that would not quit until bedtime. Which is, I think, a sign of overheating and dehydration. There were frequent breaks/trips back inside to cool off and drink water, replenish fluids, but it was a blistering day, at minimum in the high 90's during the afternoon. Plus I piddled around in the house, doing some of my famous 'condensing and sorting' till mid-morning. When I knew the smart thing to do would be go on out and get the work done early in the cool of day. Oh, well...

It was a very productive day. Starting with turning the laundry basket over in the kitchen, to go through all that paper, misc., and etc,. that had been accumulating on the counters for days, weeks, months, maybe even years. Putting the 'Theory of Condensation' into practice. But I can smile now, as there is Nothing at all cluttering my work space.

Then, I went out to put the wheel barrow to use. Picking up tree trash, from lots of wind and thunderstorms that have blown through in recent days. Thankful for the rains that usually come with all the noise, but it also causes stuff to fall out of the many trees we have on our lot. A few really big limbs that I had to drag up to the street for trash truck. Along with a number of trips up the driveway pushing the barrow loaded with smaller stuff piled high.

Another little project I wanted to get done: divide a plant in a large pot into smaller ones. I purchased what is hopefully a flowering almond tree back in the spring,when volunteering one day at the Callaway Gardens Spring Plant Sale. I suspected all the little plants in the big three gallon pot came from a single stump someone wanted to get rid of. I've been keeping in watered, watching it grow, and finally took the time to repot.

Now I have nine of the little plants, no bigger in diameter than a pencil and maybe twelve inches tall, all in pots. Plus two I planted out in the back yard, where I hope, with faithful watering, they will flourish, and eventually grow into beautiful, decorative spring-flowering trees. They serve no purpose, make no edible fruit, but glorious to behold in the early spring when covered with blushing pink blooms.

About mid-afternoon, I came in tired and dirty, and got cleaned up to go to a volunteer job down at the Rivercenter. The city was sponsoring an event/conversation about policing and the racial harmony for the public, called 'Galvanize'. (In my opinion, a very poor word choice). A pretty good crowd showed up, concerned citizens who wanted to hear what the city officials had to say. Poor sound system made it difficult to clearly hear the officials who were speaking, moderating, causing me to leave the auditorium after about thirty minutes. Meaning I did not hear much of the conversation, and hope the city feels it was helpful, opening doors for more discussion, and peaceful resolution to questions/doubts.

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