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the trip to UK...

Monday, July 11, 2016
...prelude: an introductory performance, action or event preceding and preparing for the principal or more important matter. You might find interesting the back story relating how it happened, before reading about the entertainment and amusement that occurred. At least as much fun as the trip last summer when we went west and spent several days visiting and touring in Seattle, driving through Washington state, and sightseeing around Portland, OR.

When visiting my brother a couple of years ago, (if you've heard this story, skip down several paragraphs), I went to lunch one day with his wife and her dad. Her parents  moved from AL to VA several years ago, her mom has since died, but my sister-in-law enjoys spending time with her dad. They do something together nearly every day: running errands, shopping, doctor's appointments, delivering meals-on-wheels, volunteer projects at church. Or just lunch.

The day we went to lunch together, when I tried to pay the tab. Ray said: 'No'.  And told me that he always pays for meals when they go out. Ray said he told his daughter, 'We are spending your inheritance'. Which sounds like a Great Plan, to not be anxious about the future, and things you cannot control. Realistic, practical, but deciding to not worry.

So now when we go places, do things, have fun, I try to remind myself of that wonderful idea: that we should be enjoying every day as much as possible. With little regard to worrying about funds, deliberately deciding I'm not fretting about expense. 'You Can't Take It With You,' or maybe more along the lines of: 'Damn the torpedoes, Full speed ahead.'

Lesson learned from hauling the laptop computer a great distance: leave it at home to lighten your load. Make a few notes to help you recall the sequence of events, but save yourself the trouble of taking things you will not use. I will apologize for being incommunicado for over a week, and hope that a day at home will allow me to get caught up. Now that I've slept for twelve hours and beginning to feel like a real person again.

july 11, 2016

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