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the vendor said...

Thursday, July 14, 2016
...when he walked through the swinging doors into the stock room today, right past where I was standing slicing vegetables: "Hey, Ya'll". It tickled my memory, and my funny bone. Making me think of a YouTube one of my kids showed me some time ago. Where guys are doing really stupid things, as guys are prone to do, often fueled with alcohol and prodded by 'Double-dog-dare-yous'.

The set up for remarkably foolish behavior consisting of stunts the onlookers know from the  get-go is certain to not only fail, but cause serious bodily harm. The kind that causes witnesses to: 2) wince as it occurs, then b) spend hours afterward sitting in the waiting area of the ER. While the damaged miscreant goofball gets stitched back together, broken bones set, wounds repaired, limbs gauze wrapped or stomach pumped.

What you would hear him say before the sure-to-fail incident occurred: "Hey, Ya'll! Watch This!!"

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