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an amusing little anecdote...

Tuesday, July 19, 2016
...that is a post script to all the flying over vast expanses of salt water earlier in the month. The thoughtful people at Delta Air decided they would include all the movies you can watch free when you are flying in their planes. How convenient that July 1 was the first day to take advantage of this newly implemented policy: the very day we started our travels.

So while I was trapped in that metal tube winging across the Atlantic I had the opportunity to get all caught up on my movie watching. Most of the second run ones at the 'cheap seats' (where the tickets average two bucks) are some I enjoyed up in the air. Since I rarely get to the 'walk in', the idea of having a great wide assortment at my fingertips was quite a treat. Especially since I do not have the knowledge or the patience to operate the television here, that requires three different remotes to actually get the movie going.

Superman vs. Batman, Whiskey Fox Tango, Hail, Caesar, Zootopia, Eddie the Eagle, Allegiant, Hello, Doris, and more I don't recall at the moment. Several on the way over, when I still had reading material. And even more on the way back to the US, when all the paper books had been consumed.  After being so desperate I thumbed through the mostly promotional magazine in the seat back, I plugged in the ear buds and scrolled through the options. Amusing myself for hours. There were also a number of offerings that had been seen on HBO and Netflix, as well as several from commercial television I would not have seen.

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