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riding the train again...

Monday, July 11, 2016

...much faster than the scenic tour of the south on the steam train, heading back into London on Tuesday morning. Enjoying the scenery of the countryside, though at a much faster speed than the steam engine.  We had reservations for lodging at a place, recommended by the cousin, conveniently located near the station where we would depart for the airport on Friday. Dragging suitcases, thankfully wheeled, through the station and along the cobbled streets to get to our hotel where we could lighten our loads and proceed with more sightseeing.

I knew my travel companions would have to keep a close eye on me. And suspect they knew too, knowing how it would be: frequently taking me by the hand to avoid my wandering away. Probably like traveling with small children, who are best managed with those little fuzzy backpacks that are actually leashes to prevent loss of relatives. I guess attributable to having lead such a shelter life, and so easily impressed with things that are not part of my normal life, daily exposure to routine sightings. I am such a gawker, impressed with architecture, or trees, statuary in parks, passing scenery, or just  people watching, like a kid, prone to not be paying sufficient attention to traffic or child-snatchers.

There is so much to see in a city with such a long rich history, it would have taken months if not years to see everything. We bought tickets for the sightseeing bus, the kind where you can get on and off all day long, taking the entire tour, or jumping off for some diversion and getting back on for more touring at the next stop down the street. A two day ticket gave us plenty of touring, with earbuds to plug in for info. in twelve languages. Plus a trip along the Thames, and a night tour for no extra fees. Not that it was cheap... but well worth the price to get the ride, guided tour and see the sights from atop the double decker bus.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

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