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it's reeeaaaally early...

Wednesday, July 13, 2016
...not yet daylight. But I was just on the phone with someone who said 'text me', and I replied: "I can't do that". My phone is not 'smart', and when it comes to IT, nor am I, though I know I am not stupid. I think of the opposite of stupid as 'yet to be informed'. There is a world of facts, information, knowledge that I am not yet privy to, and mountains of books to be read. So: No, I'm not stupid, just cannot read any faster.

I am occasionally sad, and at times annoyed with my lack of technology ability, frustrated when I am forced to seek help. Aggravated when the conundrum is so complicated I cannot solve it myself, and stumped until someone else can resolve the problem. I did something here, on this screen, when I was typing a couple of days ago that completely baffled me. Trying to get all the fun we had reported on, sharing travel experiences -when suddenly the words went vertical. All the sentences on the page were standing on end. Every thing on the screen was north and south, at 'Attention!' Making it really hard to read. And typos really hard to correct when the buttons with arrows were 'reversed', with directional markings no longer accurate.

And then there's Me. With no tech. skills, not knowing what I did, to know how to un-do it. I went to a friend who's knowledge is vast as the universe as compared to mine. Meaning she is not afraid to press various buttons in different configurations, just to see what happens. But she could not find the magic combination to get my words to lay down in tidy rows. So, sadly everything caused me to develop a pain in the neck while keyboard was east/west and sentences were north/south.

I went to my work place, and asked a Kid. Yeah, I know. He said he'd done that on his computer and knew just what to do to fix it. I got the laptop out of the car and in less time than it takes to tell the story, he pressed: ControlAltArrow. Poof! Back to Normal. Yay for the Kid! He was stunned when I gave him a big smack on the cheek.

So that explains why there has been a gap in info. about the trip to UK. I will get right back on it, after I go make a cup of coffee that is  mostly almond milk and creamer. I know you have been anxiously awaiting The Rest of The Story...

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