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taking tea in Londontown...

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

... was one of several things we specifically wanted to do. Others included trying to be in the right place at the right time for seeing the Changing of the Queen's Guard in front of her many roomed home, Buckingham Palace. Tickets to gain entry into the painstakingly rebuilt Globe Theater, to see a Shakespeare play.

The High Tea was in a classically appointed room in a luxe hotel. There were crisply ironed tablecloths and napkins, an attentive staff  impeccably groomed, discreetly observing and quick to supply our every request. Tiny little sandwiches, filled with traditional fare including caviar, smoked salmon, cucumbers (none of which I care to consume - but ate anyway just to be able to tell you about the experience), egg salad, (no PBJ) plus lots of tiny delicate decorated bite-sized sweets stacked up on the little tiered serving dishes.

We each picked our choice for flavors of tea, and one of us went all out with wine as well. Then they brought out the sconces (pretty much a tall, sweetened biscuit) with accompanying butter, lemon-curd, jam. Sadly we were full before the sconces arrived, but continued to eat....

That amusing fresh floral arrangement was a nod to the Wimbledon games going on while we were there.  Pretty clever how the tennis balls were incorporated. Lots of bright fresh flowers all over the public parts of the building where we were, as well as beautiful plantings displayed on the exterior, with not a drooping leaf or wilted bloom to be seen.

Wednesday, July6, 2016

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