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fat striped caterpillars....

Monday, July 25, 2016
.. getting bigger by the minute as they consume my parsley. The plant is in a big concrete container near the front door, and covered with maybe a dozen yellow and black caterpillars in various sizes, merrily chewing their way up the nearly bare stalks of parsley. You know I am seriously math impaired, so not sure how many. Every time I counted them yesterday afternoon, when I noticed the parsley plant was virtually leafless, I got a different number.

I'm not sure what sort of butterflies I can expect as the end product of those fat happy crawlers being so well fed on my herb plant. But I am very optimistic, expectantly looking forward to having a great crop of beautiful butterflies flitting around when this crop of chubby caterpillars transforms into winged wonders. I'm guessing if I had not smooshed the big fat green horn worm on the tomato plant, it would have made a cocoon and eventually turned into something far more attractive, but instinct caused me to act before considering.

The expert google-er reported those insects eating my herbs also like Queen Anne's Lace, dill weed, and will become big pretty, yellow and black Tiger Swallowtails when they complete the life cycle. Hopefully, if I can pay close attention, I will see the location of the the cocoons, to watch for hatching. I would love to see metamorphosis actually occur, and be witness when they emerge and spread their wings to get ready for flight.  I've seen it on a film at the Callaway Butterfly Center, but never in real life. And since I spend so little time at home, it is not likely I will see it happen. But wouldn't that be the coolest thing?

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