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an amusing quote...

Saturday, July 30, 2016
...the cousin had on her apron. It was long ago, more years than I care to count, when I saw it. So funny it has stuck in my brain all this time. Probably not something that has ever actually come out of my mouth, though I have thought it to myself innumerable times over decades.  When viewing some event or individual that should not have been on display. On occasions when I would have cause to think: 'this is something your mother should have talked to you about before you left home.' Or more precisely: 'Does you mom know you are out in public looking like that?' Thinking it, but not saying it, as you never know who has a concealed-carry permit in this scary world we live in.

The quote that was silk-screened on the front of the hostess apron: "Who invited all these tacky people?" Sadly, the term 'tacky' is no longer in common usage. Too old school?  Or maybe lost it's place in daily conversations due to the popularity of four letter words becoming acceptable?  Perhaps I could begin inserting 'tacky' in my speech and start a trend?

There are certain to be a variety of topics to which 'tacky' would apply? Ample opportunities to point out circumstances, individuals, events that I find inappropriate?  (Wearing short-shorts to church! Wearing pajamas in public! Wearing holey jeans as proper garb! Wearing leggings as pants!) I say: let's bring 'tacky' back into the lexicon, revive it and encourage the world to treat it with proper respect and admiration?

Feel free to use it at your discretion, as there are many occasions for application.  You may even want to talk to your television when things happen right there in your living room that should not be on public display. This is one of the reasons I choose to not devote my time to tv. Another is the addiction factor, and the amount of time it can mindlessly steal from your day/life. So: TV = tacky.
And this is just for starters...

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