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Monday, July 18, 2016
... even though applied logic and reason tells me they all serve a purpose, that everything here is part of the Circle of Life, I do  not like them in my house. I agree all are valued members of the food chain. I can accept that they are necessary, but I do wish they would keep their necessary-ness in the great outdoors.

I have picked up, with my bare hands, delicately pinching between thumb and forefinger: over a dozen millipedes this morning. I mopped my kitchen floor last Friday, and have to wonder if they know? Is the current invasion a result of their insistence that the floor not stay clean? They make a mess when you accidentally step on one, even though they just 'crunch' if they die a natural death. Making me continually stop and pick them up to avoid the ick of smushing one on the tiles.

We've had ample rainfall in recent weeks, so it is likely that the current population explosion is a result of moisture. Humidity is a fact of life here in the South. Even though I took drastic measures some weeks ago, and applied a good dose of bug killer along the outer wall where I think they gain access, they persist. Perhaps it is time for another toxic spray of aerosol to keep them at bay?

In addition to their unwelcome advances, they are really odiferous when smooshed on the floor. And equally stinky when you pick one up to deposit in the trash. If I washed my hands every time I did the 'pincher' thing to reduce the overpopulation, I would never get anything accomplished. So stinky fingers it is. Disgusting, right?

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