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fifth subbing job in two weeks...

Friday, January 29, 2016
...had me in a major quandary before I decided this morning. I'd looked last night, wanting to see what was out there, and could not make up my mind about which one was the lesser of the evils. Sad that the process is mostly deciding which one would make the least miserable. And really sad to think that those people who choose to do it for a living could easily feel the same way...what a frustrating experience it must be for someone who feels trapped, and has to do it day after day after day, etc.

Today was in a small neighborhood school on the south side of town. With a teacher I have worked with several times in the past. If memory serves, she spent years working as a para-pro., going to classes at night over years and years to get a degree. Then finally got the position she had been eyeing, with many years of classroom experience under her belt, before she was actually being paid a decent salary. 

She had a couple of problem kids, but nothing she could not handle. The most outstanding one was a kid with a beautiful smile, but practically non-verbal. He apparently goes into a therapeutic situation for several hours early in the day, then into the classroom before lunch. Not so much disruptive, as just unaware, blissfully oblivious, and unable to communicate. What in the world will become of a child like that? He will continue to mature physically, but likely remain in that same state mentally? What in the world will happen when he is physically an adult?

I debated last night when I was perusing the options about a job at a high school. I've already decided it's not in my best interest to take teaching jobs in elementary or middle schools. Not worth the stress and frustration of wrangling stampeding cattle all day. But this school is the highest rated in the county and has a rep. for being so tough, the students don't have time to act up. I'd have been the teacher, in the classroom with two dozen teenagers; paid considerably more than my little para-pro job. As a Latin teacher. Pretty funny, huh?

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