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surprised by scheduling...

Saturday, February 13, 2016
... if you have been a willing party to my griping and whining over the months about the frustrating employment situation, you can now throw up your hands in total frustration. I did that very thing last week. After a conversation with the store manager, I am certain that nothing will occur that would provide even the remotest possibility of a positive change. It is more likely that I would find myself unemployed, than that I could expect an improvement in the currently frustrating and disheartening situation.

I had hopes that being diligent, reliable and remarkably dependable would be helpful in demonstrating my best efforts. Along with assorted good intentions, eventually providing management with the desire to transfer my hard working self  back into the produce department as a clerk. Instead of continuing in the current vein of being the person who does only the cooking demo. a couple of days a week. Actually just a day and a half, when the person who has the authority over cooking demo. randomly chooses to divide the hours allotted in an equitable manner.

Distressing is the fact that I could be employed indefinitely in my present position and never even have the glimmer of the hope for increased pay  -  and be continually to be conscientious at the same level of diligence without any possibility of notice/reward for good work/service. The store manager told me I should apply for the position that would transfer me back into produce department. But now tells me that there is no possibility that I could make the move allowing me to hope for an increase in pay (that decreased considerably upon  the transfer under the customer service dept.). So it looks like I am stuck. But having a difficult time being reconciled. When I was so optimistically encouraged into hoping that a change was possible, if not likely.

Sadly, it seems that 'dependable' is not part of the job description. So my rhetorical question is this: what is the world coming to? Apparently a place filled with people who can work at their convenience without a thought as to whether they could be putting their employment at risk?

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