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a slow saturday: puttering around...

Saturday, February 20, 2016
...the house, being only marginally productive most of the day. But did get in the yard and plant a couple of things that have been lingering in pots far too long. Some succulents that wanted to be transplanted into a big planter a couple of years ago, and finally made the move today. A couple of little things I cut off to root back in the fall that finally got into pots with dirt.

And a tiny little thing that might turn into a hundred foot tree and live for three hundred years. Everyone who went to the screening of a film about Long leaf Pine trees got one to take home and plant. The event was on Friday night at the Columbus Museum, and was sponsored by a variety of environmental organizations, both local and national. Chattahoochee River Keeper, Georgia Chapter of the Nature Conservancy, Trees Columbus, Ft. Benning. As well as several regional collaboratives designed to preserve natural habitat for declining/endangered species native to the southeastern states like burrow-digging gopher tortoise and red-cockaded woodpecker.

The film, an interesting documentary, was made possible by a number of grants, and produced by Rhett Turner, who would have the resources to do without any donations whatsoever. Relating the history of the pine that once covered the southeast from east Texas into North Carolina - millions of acres. But now only found in a few locations, National forests, protected areas on military installations, privately owned tracts. Fascinating to see how species are so interrelated and dependent on one another. Like all the animals that benefit from the burrows and co-habitate with the tortoise, seeking shelter from fire, cold, intense summer heat.

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