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up before daylight...

Thursday, February 25, 2016
 cooking chicken.  To make a dish that will travel to Decatur on the weekend. It's one I made at work, doing the little cooking demo., to give away to passers-by all day several weeks ago. I thought was so good, it is one that I willingly choose to prepare when I am not being paid to cook.

Going to the city on Saturday to lunch with the cousins. A day of amusement that we will hopefully continue to do and make a regular occurrence. Not really a big deal, just an opportunity to be together with some of my favorite people to eat, laugh, share stories, talk about what is going on in our collective lives.

I tell people all the time, when I am standing there in the cooking kiosk for eight hours, that I cook a lot more at work than I do at home. So for me to be putting this much effort into preparing a meal is remarkable and pretty unusual. You might remember reading about the recipe recently when I came home after making it several times in one day. It reminded me of a casserole dish served when we got down to the last of the turkey after Thanksgiving, and there was just enough meat to add to pasta and vegetables, bake in the oven and make one more meal before it was time for soup.

The actual title of the recipe, if you care to search for it in the Aprons listing, is Confetti Chicken, as it has pimento and green pepper that theoretically give it a 'confetti' appearance. I am sure when I start putting it together there will be some slight variations, as I tend to go with what's available in my kitchen. But I do have most of the basic ingredients, so expect it to be very similar to the original. Or at least fairly close to the 'Goodbye Turkey' one I have written on a recipe card from a friend, who claims to have invented it years ago, in order to use up the odds and ends of the Thanksgiving feast.

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