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an abundance of information...

Tuesday, February 9, 2016
...at an event tonight sponsored by the Columbus State University Friends of Art. About the renovation and preservation of the estate of Eddie Owens Martin in Marion County just north of Buena Vista, GA. When he died, in the 1980's, he left his home and several acres of land that were inherited from his mother to the Pasaquan Preservation Society.

He called himself 'St. EOM', and requested that name be on his grave marker. He considered himself a visionary, and created a vast amount of art on the property using bricks, concrete, mortar and house paint to decorate all the buildings and walls he designed and hand-crafted. Lots of information can be found about him and his estate on Youtube. Too strange to even attempt to describe. Just look under his name or Pasaquan.

If you are knowledgeable about world religions, or an art history student, you will see many references in his constructions to the things that interested and inspired him, taken from world history and various cultures from around the globe. Things like statuary in yoga positions, mandalas and replicas of the Mayan stone calendar. Not what you might expect from a country boy from middle Georgia, or even someone who ran away from home at fourteen to live as a young adult on the streets of New York City.

His estate, now being carefully restored and preserved by a private foundation, is a unique construction. Currently being administered by Columbus State University, with an expectation of having a grand opening for the public in October 2016. It is a wonder to behold, and even after you  see it, you will likely not believe your eyes.

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