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cuzzin' lunch for february...

Sunday, February 28, 2016
... proved to be a pleasant affair. The perfect number of people to sit around the little round table from the kitchen of 1209 North Court St., with only a little scootching chairs closer together to accommodate. And as was traditionally reported in the 'society column' of goings on in small town America in the previous century, 'a good time was had by all'. Even though we did not participate in the finery wearing: no white gloves or dainty little hats perched atop heads with delicate lace veils.

 The Decatur cuzzin' brought her ninety year old mother in law, who can generally be depended upon to provide great humor and considerable amusement. She lives in a senior high-rise apartment complex, and reported being the 'program' for a recent 'rise and shine' event. When she asked if there were any other residents among the 100 attendees who were Atlanta natives,(where she admitted to expecting only a dozen in the audience) only one hand was raised. She talked about her early years, and things she remembered from growing up in the area. I am sure it was both educational and entertaining as she loves to tell stories, recount events from history.

I made 'way too much food. I don't know why. The casserole was designed to feed four, in a nine inch square dish. For some reason I thought I should double the amount: so put it in a 9 x13 dish (except for the bit that would not fit and went into a different dish to give away), to have enough to feed seven or eight people. Then only five mouths showed up so there was A Lot Leftover. Sadly, some will be enjoyed by the egg-laying group in the back yard - better they should look at it quizzically and peck at the pasta than putting in the trash at  home. I do feel badly about the prospect of feeding the chickens a chicken casserole, but also know I will be making a contribution towards my next dozen eggs.

Also had some fresh green beans (from that same Confetti Chicken casserole recipe) and a delicious salad with fresh spinach and strawberries. All yum-yum-yummy. And then there were desserts. I made a peanut butter pie. Got up on Saturday morning to put a chess pie in the oven to cook while I was getting my ducks in a row. When it got done, everything was loaded and ready to leave. And a sweet potato pie too. We ate toooooo  much.

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