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the 'columbus method'...

Wednesday, October 18, 2017
... of typing is when you are so unskilled as to be 'looking for the keys and landing'. (You do recall what happened when the Queen of Spain underwrote the voyage of Christopher  Columbus?) Which is, of course, another description for 'hunt and peck', also known as Barnyard style. Everything written since last Sunday has been typed with one hand. Tedious to be sure, but do-able, after a fashion.

The Dr. required another set of pictures of my innards to decide if surgery would happen, so the bindings from Saturday night ER visit were removed. My hand and arm, previously swaddled and immobilized from finger nails to elbow joint really enjoyed the fresh air. A new splint was applied, but smaller, shorter, only covering half my palm. Which makes every thing about the menial daily tasks of life seem more manageable, though I am still typing with two fingers. 

Thankfully, not feeling nearly as confined, able to wiggle my fingers. After a number of frustrating attempts to tie my shoes yesterday, with only one hand participating, the result was most unsatisfactory. I tied them again after leaving orthopedic clinic, and was quite pleased with myself.  I have, for many years, claimed to be easily amused - but that small, mostly insignificant triumph was a real highlight in my now semi-disabled life.  Along with typing paragraphs galore on the blog with two fingers!

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